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Usage & Care

How can I best take care of my Pirouette Professional makeup brushes?

It’s important to treat your Pirouette Professional makeup brushes with love and care. This is important for both the life of your brushes as well as the loveliness of your complexion.

How often should I wash my Pirouette Professional makeup brushes?

Depending on how often you use your Pirouette Professionals, you should give them a thorough shampoo wash once every 1 or 2 weeks. If you use them every day, then washing them once a week would be best. If you use them only a few times a week, then 2 weeks would be best. However, make sure to wash you foundation, concealer and lip color brushes after every use, due to the cream-based products they’re used for. Here’s a video we created, which will help you take great care of your Pirouettes:


How do I properly use my Pirouette Professional makeup brushes?

It’s understandable that unless you’re a professional makeup artist, it’s sometimes hard to know how exactly to use each and every makeup brush out there. However, you’ll notice the dramatic difference in the quality of your makeup application and overall skin, once you begin using each brush for what it’s meant for. In order to make it easy for you (and yes, its super easy!), here’s a tutorial on using each Pirouette Professional brush in the 18 set collection:


Where can I learn how to apply makeup with professional makeup brushes?

The various looks we can achieve with makeup are endless. There are many sources for you to learn how to correctly apply makeup on and how to create beautiful makeup looks, all on your own. Come visit the Pirouette Makeup channel on YouTube for a collection of detailed and very helpful makeup tutorials with Pirouette Professional brushes and cruelty-free makeup.