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Returns & Exchanges

The 100% Pirouette Guarantee!

We’re only happy when you’re happy. Though we doubt that you’d want to return Pirouette Professionals after you’ve had a chance to own a set, but we totally understand that there are situations where you may inquire about a refund or exchange. We would be pleased to accommodate a return or exchange within 30 days from your purchase date, but ONLY if the brushes have been unopened and unused.

How do I make a return/exchange?

Please contact us at info@pirouettebrushes.com within 30 days from your purchase date, and we’ll send you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). We will then provide you with a return address in Toronto, Canada, where you can ship your UNOPENED package to. Only after you have contacted us and have received your RMA, you can proceed with the return. Please keep in mind the following: 

Do I pay for my own shipping when returning/exchanging an item?

Yes, you are responsible for your own return/exchange shipping costs. Please don’t forget to get a tracking number from your courier, as we cannot be responsible for any lost return items. Make sure to mark your return package with “Return, No Duties”.

Why can’t I return/exchange my order after I opened the package?

Since makeup brushes are a hygienic product, we have a very strict policy about NOT ALLOWING opened brushes to be exchanged. This is a question of hygiene, which we take very seriously. You’ll notice similar and even stricter return/exchange policies with the other makeup brush brands within the industry.

Can I return/exchange the item without contacting you?

Unfortunately not. You must contact us in order for us to provide you with an RMA and our return address. This is a specific address for returns only, located in Toronto, Canada. Please note that if you send your returns back to the warehouse where the brushes came from, you refund will not be issued.

Where else can I purchase Pirouette Professional makeup brushes?

Pirouette Professional makeup brushes are sold exclusively online. There’s no reason why high quality makeup brushes shouldn’t be affordable, so we don’t sell them to retail stores in order to be able to transfer all of the cost savings to you by selling to you directly.