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About Makeup Brushes

What are vegan makeup brushes?

Make up brushes are considered vegan when all of their components come from man-made (or non-animal) sources. The materials used for vegan makeup brushes are synthetic fibers, which, just like any brushes, can range from low to very high quality. It’s important to choose the highest quality bristles, since they’re meant for use on delicate skin and are considered a hygienic product. Ultimately, vegan brushes and the components of their packaging are 100% created with non animal products and are never tested on animals.

What is the difference between animal hair brushes and vegan brushes?

Do animals get hurt in the making of animal hair brushes?

Yes. The way most animal hair brush manufacturers obtain the animal hair is by purchasing it in large quantities from the fur industry. The fur industry makes money by hunting, trapping and killing animals for the value of their fur. These animals include ponies, sable, mink, foxes, goats, & squirrel, amongst many other furry animals. Some brands claim that their animal hair brushes are ‘cruelty-free’ since the hair is clipped from the animals while the animals are left unharmed. Unfortunately, a lot of these companies cannot verify how these animals are captured, where they’re kept and what happens to them after the hair has been clipped off, so its impossible to prove most of the ‘cruelty-free’ claims of animal hair brush manufacturers.

How am I helping animals by purchasing Pirouette Professional makeup brushes?

For every set of Pirouette Professional makeup brushes you purchase, $1 will go directly to the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) who have made it their mission to end animal cruelty.
For every set of the 100% vegan Pirouette Professional makeup brushes you purchase, you express your support of cruelty-free products, setting a new standard for the way our products should be made.

Are vegan brushes safe for people with allergies to pet hair?

Yes. Vegan brushes contain no animal hair and are safe for people with allergies to pet hair.

How long do Pirouette Professional makeup brushes last?

The life of your Pirouette Professional makeup brushes will depend on how much you use them and the way you take care of them, as with any other makeup brushes. Treat them with love by washing them regularly and storing them in their pouches, and they can last you for years.

What materials are Pirouette Professional makeup brushes are made from?

The entire Pirouette Professional collection is 100% vegan and is made with Taklon bristles, which are known to be one of the best quality fibers used in the creation of vegan makeup brushes. The sleek pouches are made with imitation leather. The handle is made out of wood. The ferrule is made out of aluminum.