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If you’ve ever owned animal hair brushes (goat hair, pony hair, sable hair, squirrel hair), you must have noticed them get “puffed up” over time and lose their shape. This is because all animal hair brushes contain pores, which absorb old and dirty makeup over time. This makes them a heaven for bacteria, which you then rub all over your face. Needless to say, you end up with bad bacteria and intensifying allergies.

The fab news is that Taklon-made bristles are man-made and therefore contains no pores, so all of the dirty makeup just washes straight off each bristle, leaving you with crisp & clean brushes every time. They also don’t change their shape over time and will last you much longer if they’re well-made.


Cruelty-free brushes made from Taklon fibers can be washed with pretty much any type of soap or shampoo, without it affecting their quality. Don’t believe companies telling you that you need a specific washing solution for your brushes – it’s all a marketing gimmick.

Synthetic materials do not get damaged by the type of shampoo you use. Animal hair brushes, on the other hand, do require specific solutions/shampoos which will work with the particular hair type, otherwise you run the risk of damaging them (pretty much like your hair). This leads to extra costs on regular basis, just to keep your brushes clean, when you could be using the shampoo you already have.

The only thing to keep in mind: try to use natural shampoo to wash your brushes, simply because you don’t want chemical residue from crappy shampoos ending up on your face. That goes for any brushes you own.


The unfortunate truth is this: ALL animal hair brushes are a product of a cruel fur industry. Even those companies that claim that their animal hair has been “gently clipped off” and are cruelty-free, are either misleading their customers or are being misled by their suppliers.

The hair could very well be clipped off, but in order for that to happen, the animal needs to be trapped, taken from the wild and kept in cages for the company to exploit. The treatment of these poor wild animals is never regulated, so nobody is responsible for any of the abuse that takes place in these farms. The only fault of these animals is that they’re born furry, which humans have decided to use for makeup brushes!


Each time you choose cruelty-free brushes you’re voting with your dollar. This means 3 things:

  1. You’re no longer investing your money in the cruel fur industry and supporting their practices. Less demand for fur = less animals suffer
  2. You’re telling the beauty industry that you’d like more cruelty-free products instead. When this happens, even the larger conglomerates, which mostly care about profits, begin to invest into the now “trendy & demanded” cruelty-free segment in order to profit. Fine with us!
  3. You’re supporting smaller, cruelty-free brands that innovate to bring new vegan alternatives into the market. This is why you can now find superior quality vegan brushes on the market, which far outdo animal hair brushes. Some 10 years ago people associated vegan brushes with cheap & shiny synthetic brushes that could scratch your skin! Thankfully, the future is here.

If you’re looking for great, professional-grade makeup brushes that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, there are now a great number of wonderful brands that you can choose from.

When choosing, pay attention to the look and feel of the brush: are the bristles “textured” like regular fur would be, or are they stick straight? It’s best to go with more textured bristles – they pick up product much better, than the more slippery bristles. 

Are the ferrules reinforced into the handle? This ensures that your brushes don’t come apart after several washes.

Is the brush handle weighty enough to offer you comfortable ergonomics during your makeup application? I like my handles a bit on the heavier side (usually made out of wood or bamboo), rather than the lightweight plastic-y types which don ‘t offer enough balance

Whether your entire makeup brush collection is already cruelty-free or you’re just reading about vegan brushes for the first time, let us know in the comments below that you pledge to do your best to choose cruelty-free makeup brushes in the future! 

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