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March 2016 Favorites: 7 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products We Can’t Live Without

The contents of our makeup bag may be continuously changing, thanks to our never-ending quest for discovering new beauty items, but one thing remains the same: everything we seek is cruelty-free.

So what are our absolute favorite cruelty-free beauty items for the chilly month of March? Here is our top 7 list: 

1. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

Price: $5
NYX is generally one of our favorite cruelty-free drugstore brands and their Mega Shine lip gloss is a testament to that.  A light peppermint mocha smell is absolutely delicious and not at all overwhelming. It’s got an elongated lip applicator, which helps to distribute the gloss evenly and smoothly. Best of all? It isn’t sticky, so you’ll avoid that lovely hair-stuck-to-your-gloss look of the day.
Nika tried the color 152A in Tanned Bronze, which is a sheer nude, with a bit of a menthol kick on the lips.

2. Korres Body Butter in Guava

Price: $26
This is one of the most divine body butters I’ve ever tried. It goes on like silk, moisturizes the hell out of the skin and yet, does not leave any sticky or oily residue. And that smell though - a faint and very pleasant smell of fresh guava.  I personally use it as a hand cream, but you can use it all over your body.
Korres used to have these body butters available in larger tubes, which were certainly not for carrying around. Luckily, they now have them in a smaller, more compact size (they’re still xxx oz, so you definitely get a decent amount for the price), so we’ve been carrying ours in our purses ever since we got them.

3. Out of Africa 100% Pure Shea Butter with Vitamin E

Price: $10
This is all I used during my pregnancy to avoid stretch marks and moisturize my skin, and looks like it worked! It is pure shea butter, so it will certainly leave your skin feeling slightly on the oily side, but will get absorbed quickly.
Shea butter hardens during room temperature, so scoop off a little bit with your fingers and rub it between your palms in order to soften it. Then, apply it generously all over your body as needed. I find that applying it on the legs leaves them with that polished shine that we crave, especially during the warmer months of short-dresses and sandals.
The Out of Africa Shea Butter also works wonders on damaged and dry winter skin, keeping your hands beautifully moisturized and protected during the colder months, while also repairing any damage (thanks to the Vitamin E). Plus, it smells like heavenly vanilla!

4. Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette by Tarte

Price: $45 
Baaaah could this palette be more perfect? I’m currently going through a serious matte-everything stage, so the Tartelette Amazonian Clay palette is somewhat of a heaven-sent eye shadow collection for me to come by.
Ten sultry matte eye shadows which range from soft nudes & pinks to deeper chocolate browns & plums. We’re drawn to the nudes like Free Spirit and Wanderer for a soft, daytime makeup look for work, school or brunch.
For a more dramatic nighttime look, Natural Beauty, Best Friend and Bombshell are our go-to colors for creating decadent, plumful eyes (if you’d like us to film a tutorial on this look, comment below and let us know!)

5. NYX Photo-Loving Anti-Redness Primer 

Price: $13
I fell in love with the smooth texture of this primer as soon as I tried it in the store. It perfectly primes your skin, giving you a poreless-like surface to then apply your foundation over. The color of this primer isn’t green for no reason: green combats any redness in the skin, visually evening out the skin tone.
The NYX Photo-Loving Primer also offers a splendid mattifying effect, which for us, lasted all day, without the need to re-apply. Best of all? We didn’t notice any difference between this primer and the green one from Smashbox (which is double the price and is not cruelty-free). So win-win for NYX!

6. Pirouette Professional P02 Powder Brush (Artiste Collection)

Price: $25
Ever wish your bronzer looked as airbrushed as JLo’s famous “bronzed glow”? Then the Pirouette P02 Powder Brush is what you’ve been missing all this time. The larger diameter and fluffy bristles of the P02 brush are the key, so sweep it all over your face, concentrating on the hollows of your cheeks and chin.
Like all Pirouette Professional brushes, the P02 brush is vegan, created out of the revolutionary Taklon fibers, eliminating the need for animal fur (yes, most premium brushes are made with animal fur) and animal testing. Ultra-soft beyond belief and large enough to give you the Jlo Glow (Glow should definitely be capitalized because she now owns it!).

7. Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Face Toner

Price: $7
Definitely a huge favorite this month! This toner smells like roses and has a beautifully calming effect on the skin! We’ve quickly made it a part of our nighttime routine, using it on a cotton pad to wipe away any excess makeup at the end of the day.
The Rose Petal Witch Hazel is alcohol-free, so you can even use it to take off your eye makeup, without burning your eyes. To be honest, I’ve tried many pricey toners and this $7 bottle beats them all. My skin feels clean, calm and not a bit over-dried.


What are your cruelty-free beauty favorites? What has impressed the hell out of you this month? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, what would you like to see a review on? Let us know. We’ll be sure to shop and let you know here <3

Note: We are not sponsored by any brands above and all of the products have been purchased and used by us personally, reflecting our own opinions. We believe in supporting and promoting cruelty-free brands, because of their commitment to stay away from animal testing.


Apr 06, 2016 • Posted by Pirouette Professional

Hi Ruhi! We’re a vegan makeup brush company only (we don’t produce cosmetics), so there’s definitely no palm oil in anything we create :)

Mar 06, 2016 • Posted by Ruhi Thallon

Are all your products Paml Oil free? Thank you.

Mar 06, 2016 • Posted by Anna Bukowsky

Im really excited for that nyx lipgloss colour! Does it go on the same as it looks as far as the color? Ive been looking for something like that and cruelty-free for a long time!

Mar 03, 2016 • Posted by Yasmin J.

Thank you thank you for highlighting cruelty free products! Love these and will defnitely be checking out that Out of africa butter and your gorgeous brushes!

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