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How To Apply Liquid Liner For The Perfect Cat Eye

If you’re hit with a jolt of nervousness every time you pick up liquid eyeliner, this post is for you. When done correctly, liquid eyeliner (or “the cat eye”) can beautifully accentuate your upper lash line, visually lift your eyes and add a touch of glamour to your makeup look.

But the perceived difficulty in applying liquid liner often makes many stay away from it, which is a shame, because it looks beautiful on just about anyone!


All you need is either a liquid liner pen or a liquid liner tube with an applicator, and a hard surface you can lean your elbow on (i.e. table or a counter). You can also use a thin liner brush (link to Gold 18 collection), which will give you more flexibility – completely up to you.


Here’s a step by step video we’ve created, which will teach you the easiest way to ensure that you never mess up your liquid liner or cat eye application. The trick is not at all in how expensive your liner is, the makeup brush you use or how pro you are…

The trick to getting that perfect cat eye is in the position of your hands and here’s the tutorial that will show you how:


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Mar 02, 2016 • Posted by Leslie J.

Best explanation of getting the liner to look nice!! Thank you <3

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