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My Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

My Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

Here comes probably the most requested blog-post of all time. I’m always asked: what cruelty-free and skin safe products do I use on the daily in order to care for my skin? Well, wait no more! Here’s a quick and step-by-step guide on my daily skincare routine using only cruelty-free products.

Just a quick note on my skin type: I have combination skin. Meaning that I experience oiliness in my forehead and nose areas, with bouts of mild dryness on the cheeks and jawline. 

1. Removing My Makeup

I’ve used all kinds of glamorous makeup removers in my pre-health conscious days, and I still don’t know why I spent so much money on them, especially given all of the chemicals they contained. All that came to a lovely end when I discovered pure coconut oil (any brand would do, as long as it’s organic) – the absolute best and healthiest makeup remover I’ve ever come across. 

Just pick some up with a face pad and wipe off your eye and face makeup. Keep it at room temperature for a creamy consistency (it hardens during cool temperatures).

2. Cleansing My Skin

To wipe off the slight oily residue the coconut oil leaves behind, I use the fabulous Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner we posted about it recently). It doesn’t contain alcohol, so you can confidently use it on your eye area without any stinging. It leaves my skin refreshed, squeaky-clean and smelling of roses. I then quickly run some cold water over my skin, to shrink pores and make sure that the skin’s surface is completely clean.

3. Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells

Once a week I use this little gem of a peel. The Fruit Fiesta Peel by MyChelle Dermaceuticals is chemical free and is given the highest rating of skin safety by the Skin Deep Database. It contains 7% lactic acid for collagen stimulation, so there’s a slight tingling sensation as soon as I put in on. This peel is a lovely exfoliator, but it does have anti-aging properties, so if you’re under 30, you can choose the Pumpkin Peel by the same brand instead.

The only downside it that it comes in a pretty small tube for the $18 it costs.

4. Moisturizing

I only recently found a 100% vegan and paraben-free moisturizer that I really like, so I’m finally at peace with myself. The Derma-E Vitamin E Crème is surprisingly light enough to be used both under my makeup and during my skincare routine. It absorbs well, doesn’t feel very sticky and effectively replenishes lost moisture that my skin craves throughout the day. The very little I use seems to last me for a full day, which is always a plus. Lovely stuff!

5. Protecting My Skin From Sun Damage

The biggest problems with sunscreens is that, most of the time, the chemicals they contain can be as harmful as the UV rays they’re protecting you from. While on a search for a safe SPF for my 9 month old, I discovered the Think Baby SPF+50 Sunscreen, though it ended up being perfect for my face as well. Safe from harsh chemicals (also highest rated on Skin Deep Database), this one smells lovely and absorbs pretty well, hardly leaving any white residue. I apply a very thin layer after moisturizing my skin, using circular motions to absorb it in with my fingers. 


I obviously skip this step for my nighttime skincare routine, saving it for the AM J 

Would you like to see a post on my cruelty-free foundation routine? Let me know in the comments below!


Jun 15, 2016 • Posted by form_beaut87

Been looking for a GREAT and not-too-complicated cruelty free skincare routine for a while. Thanks so much for the post!
p.s. also its super rare to find a natural spf, so this was golden. xoxo guys!

May 13, 2016 • Posted by Anna G.

Been looking for a great cruelty-free skincare routine for a while! Love this!!!

May 11, 2016 • Posted by Zarifah M.

Love your blog posts, ladies! Keep them coming! Gonna check out that SPF, literally anything i’ve been finding lately that was “natural” actually had chemicals in it. Just read about this one and it seems legit. You ladies rock!

May 11, 2016 • Posted by Lena G.

Yes to the foundation routine!! WOuld love to know which CF foundation you use and bronzer too. Thank you!

May 11, 2016 • Posted by Sara Ginsburg

I tried that moisturizer after your post and its very nice and doesn’t irritate my skin. Thanks for the post and for only writing about cruelty free products! Wish all blogs were like you <3

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