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5 HOTTEST Beauty Trends For 2016

5 HOTTEST Beauty Trends For 2016

1. The Easy-Going Brows

We don’t have to completely say goodbye to that perfect “Instagram” brow, but 2016 is definitely all about the more casual, brushed up brow. Whether you prefer the runway-inspired thick shape or something thinner that better compliments your proportions, the key is to keep the brows casual and not too drawn-in.

I love that we don’t need an armor of eyebrow products in order to maintain this look. Perhaps some cruelty-free brow powder to amp up the softness, a great brow makeup brush (like the vegan Pirouette Professional No. P17) and some cruelty-free brow gel, in order to keep the shape in place all day. If you’ve got naturally soft brows, even brow powder is not necessary.


Brushed up eyebrows

Brushed up eyebrow trend

2. The LOB

The times of long, mermaid-like hair are giving way to short cuts; and we are loving how fresh this looks on everyone. Not to mention that it takes some guts to chop off hair that took years to grow, so there’s also something empowering and bold about it. You go, girls.

What does the Lob stand for? The Long Bob and it can be seen making appearances all over the place: Jennifer Lawrence has got one, Adele has got one, Emma Watson has got one, even Kate Middleton got one. It can be worn with a choppy texture (just add some cruelty-free hair product to damp hair and crunch away!) or styled into a chic, static cut.

The Lob


The Lob 

3. Glitter Everywhere!

Glitter has been showing up in places we haven’t seen it show up in since 1997. Hair roots? Brows? Cheeks? Well, just because it’s a trend it doesn’t mean we’ll be walking around with glitter in our hair, but glittered nails and eyelids we adore. 

Glitter polish is more difficult to take off than regular polish. So if you don’t want to get a full glitter mani, color just the ring finger on each hand for a chic pop of sparkle. As with your eyelids, go with either a cruelty-free glitter liner (Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, $20) or a cruelty-free glitter eyeshadow (Anastasiya Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles $15).




4. Earthy Shadows

With the coming of spring, instead of the highly contrasting blues, purples and greens, we will definitely be seeing a more neutral palette of shadows. Anything copper, rose, amber or brown is very hot this year, complimenting the overall natural feel most us are after this year (minus that glitter we mentioned!)

Play with all of the gorgeous nudes and soft pinks in the cruelty-free Tartelette palette by Tarte, or the cruelty-free Chocolate Bon Bon palette by Too Faced. My favorite combination lately has been a running a light, shimmery rose all over my eyelid and using my magic blending brush (Pirouette Tapered Blending Brush No.P15) to contrast it with a deeper copper in my crease area.


Cara Delevigne Makeup Gigi Hadid Makeup

5. Short Nails

In line with the au naturelle feel of the season, short nails are making a major comeback. How refreshing! Especially after the stiletto nail trend that was, yes, gorgeous, but holy painful if you happened to scratch yourself.

Seen on pretty much everyone at this year’s Oscar’s Red Carpet and me (albeit for a different reason – an infant at home), beautifully polished short nails say chic and class like nothing else. You don’t have to worry about wearing a color that’s too loud, since the short shape is naturally taming. So go boldly in the direction of your reds! 

Short Nails


Short Nails

What are some new trends that you’re loving this season? Let us know below or stop by our Instagram, where we talk cruelty-free beauty all day and night :)



May 02, 2016 • Posted by Shasion B.

Can someone please contact me to let me know when the gold collection will be restocked? I look forward to hearing from you.


Apr 06, 2016 • Posted by Kayleigh H.

LOVE all your posts guys! Keep em coming. And your brushes are vegan heaven-sent haha, I just got my first set <3

Apr 06, 2016 • Posted by Anne_G.

Those eyebrows though <3 Do you guys know any cruelty-free brow gels that are great? I keep seeing anastasiya ones everywhere, but dk if theyre crueltyfree. Are they?

Apr 05, 2016 • Posted by Jenny Finn

Really loving your posts, keep em coming!
Glitter Everywhere - on point btw

Apr 05, 2016 • Posted by Johanna Markovic

Oooh Gigi’s eyebrows are to die for!!

Apr 05, 2016 • Posted by Masha K.

Amazing job on only sticking to cruelty-free product recos! Love you guys for this! Sharing :)

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